Jack Tunney would have suspended Chael by now

What happened to the days when fighting was good old fashioned family entertainment? UFC needs to clean up their act and catch up to where WWE was 20 years ago. Insulting a fellow athlete's wife or mother wasn't tolerated back then and it shouldn't be now



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those were the good old days ...the suspension angle was used since Rude was leaving for WCW.

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 the parallels that can be drawn to dana white and modern mma cannot be ignored. 

DIAZ you are OUT, CONDIT you are IN. 

Chael.... "You're Fired!!!!" Unless you wanna join the kiss my ass club. Phone Post

Pork Sword -  Mauro = Mean Gene

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Suspensions in wrestling meant vacation or injury. Phone Post

Tunney was such a drunk, like Skoaland. 

If only UFC tonight resembled the first clip, people might actually watch it