Jack White leaves Twitter

Yes, but they actually have talent and a long list of awesome songs…


hahahaha this is great

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Who cares what Jack white does at this point.

Good. We need less of the echo chamber loving weirdos anyways.

My question as well. I’d like to think he’s Jack Black’s black twin.


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LOL @ how upset you are that you don’t have your safe space anymore on twitter.


Is he back to tweeting yet ?. .

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IN before Jack White’s:

"Ive decided to come back to twitter to fight for freedom and call out dangerous speech and screech about drumpf!! "


Outwardly yes. Behind closed doors its probably not that simple.

NIN is probably one of my favorite bands of all time. However, Trent has turned into a bit of a bitch since he wifed that crazy Asian chick.

Dude could do no wrong in the 90s and early 2000s but he’s just phoning it in lately. Should probably stick to writing movie scores as he’s talented as fuck and seems to be a good fit for him.

With all that being said, him leaving Twitter is just another bitch movie in a long line of bitch moves.

He will probably be back in a few weeks saying that after some careful consideration he realizes that it’s easier to fight back from his platform on Twitter than to run away or some other bullshit.


If I was a celeb I would hire someone to keep my feet planted in reality. Just think about how most of these celebs wouldn’t even have the problems they have if they had just hired someone. “I’m about to go Defcon 3…” and then dude just slaps the phone out of your hand. Or “I’m leaving twitter because Elon is making this space unsafe for tran…” BOOM axe handle to the back of your neck.


The problem is most celebs are surrounded by sycophants and yes men. You always need someone in life to tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear; celebs are lacking in this regard


You’re too old it’s over…



The former bass player for minor 80s hair band Trixter, just announced he is leaving Twitter.

This sh!t is getting real.


Remember thou art mortal.

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The jim and andy documentary is fascinating, even if you hate jim.