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There's a thread in the UG on whether Jackie Chan could fight. I posted this and thought it might be fun in here too. Read bewteen the lines though, this is more about fighting than about Jackie.



Date: 15-Aug-00 | 09:56 AM

Ironically a few years ago I was called by a magazine doing a story on who would win in fights of movie stars vs movie stars [action].

They wanted to know who would was the best fighter:


Van Damme





My reply:

Jackie CHan. The issue about street defense is so so misunderstood by practicing martial artists and theorists...the fight is the fight and real fights happen in the space of a friggin phone booth. They are not, nor do they look like, sparring contests.

Having said that, if the above men, chose to fight as hard and as FAR as they could, I bet on Chan, becuase he brings incredibly important tools to the real world fight:

FEAR MANAGEMENT - he willdo stunts that most stuntmen would not try.

PAIN MANAGEMENT - he has been injured so many times, and seriously too, but continues to push the envelope.

Given his fexibility, his, skill, his experience and his creatrivity with improvised weapons and use of the environment, I bet on him.

Of course anyone can win and anyone can lose, but if the fighter has the chance to use all his tools...Chan is my theoretical favorite.

Tony Blauer

LOL! Great post! Let's not also forget Mr. Blauer, that Jackie Chan appears to be such a likeable guy, that he could probably verbally diffuse a lot of situations with his charm!

Very interesting, I never thought about that.


Now you understand Tony's gift.....

He looks a a painting and hears the music !!!


Once again, the simplicity of Tony's post proves how far I must travel to even come close to his thought pattern and brain waves. Everytime I come here, Tony amazes me with what he says, but most importantly his explanation of his thoughts.

All the best,

Joe Ferraro

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Thanks Joe, very nice comments, appreciate it.