Jackie Earl Haley in lead to play Sinestro

 Rorschach, Freddy in Nightmare on Elm Street remake, Breaking Away, Bad News Bears

I never imagined Sinestro being super short though. Haley is like 5'2".

that dude has the most bad-ass roles.kinda like Ray Park.

I agree with the height objection. I think Clancy Brown would be an OK choice.

BTW, both of you guys need to post to DC's 25 things thread. :-P

 He would get my vote.  He was amesome as Rorschach.

What difference does Sinestro's height make? His power is from a ring not from being tall. Haley is a great choice.

 Big Haley fan, but I can see someone like Ed Harris or Clive Owen being PERFECT for Sinestro.

Ahhh, but who gives a fuck.  Ryan fuckin' Reynolds is playing the Lantern for god's sake.  

Fuck it.