Jacksonville Training?

Thier is a good chance I will be moving to Jacksonville within the next month what school are thier besides Obake's to train at? I will be living pretty close to the beaches side of Jacksonville. I am really interested in No GI only and prefer MMA type atmosphere if at all possible. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Jason Dolder

JaxBjj is in Atlantic Beach. I run the school (2- stripe purple under Royce) and I've brought a Gracie Barra Black Belt from Rio to teach--Aparicito "Bill" Ferrara. (2 time Mundial Champion, 7 time Brazilian Champion) We do Gi, No-Gi,Gracie Vale Tudo, etc We have a boxing coach and a wrestling coach as well. We also concentrate on the Gracie way Self Defense system.

Website is www.jaxbjj.com.

I run my own MMA academy which is an affilate of Gracie Barra under Marcio Simas. Do you have any fighters? Do you train any standup or inanything MMA related or all jiu jitsu? I train all no gi and have several professional fights and would like to train with people who plan to or already fight. How much are your fees? Thanks a lot for your info if I end up moving I will definantly stop by and check it out before I make my choice. I just checked out your website I also know Charles and Gordon they have both came to my school and done seminars great group of guys!! How long will the BB be staying?
Jason Dolder

Charles and Gordon are great guys. Charles hooked me up with "Bill", who will be here indefinately. We are primarily jj, but have a few guys who wish to train for the ring. One kid is a beast! Come by or call if you come this way. Larry


For an MMA training atmosphere, the best place in jax is the Obake fight school inside the Gold's Gym on Baymeadows road. It has a boxing ring, half an octagonal cage to train against, many striking bags and plenty of mat space. The guys there are all interested in vale tudo, there is no gi training at all. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Jason, one more detail, there are probably about five or six guys training out of Obake's who have already had professional fights, so as far as experienced training partners goes there are plenty.

Thanks Matt

I have met you before I used to live with Mike Lee a while back. I met you a long time ago at a battlejax. If I get my job I will definantly make Obakes my place to train I just didn't know thier was that many people who trained thier.

Jason Dolder

Jason there is another place you can train at in Jax. Lionel Perez is the BJJ instructor a brown under Relson and they have a vale tudo class there. Lionel is no longer with Obake at gold's. Hey Matt Rogers it's Eric. Are you coming back to Jax? Or your already down here? Hey I will call you on your cell.

I just got back from Los Angeles last week. Where is Leonel teaching now? Last I heard you guys were just training in Roy's garage.

I hope you make the move to Jax. The more serious fighters we have training here the better. I'm bad with names so I don't remember meeting you, but I'm sure if I saw your face I'd remember. Those old Battlejax days were alot of fun!

Matt Lionel is teaching at Ken Barry's school. I'm calling you dude.

I was just wondering, where is Ken Barry's school located. Thanks

I was just wondering, where is Ken Barry's school located. Thanks

just wanted to remind everybody Leonel Perez starts classes tonight 12/6.Ken's school is behind the Baileys gym on St Johns Bluff.

newwavefighter classes are monday ,wednesday,and saturday.we never told Kenny we just took over the school.just kidding.classes been going on for three weeks before the date of this post.


Mon, Tue, Wed, Thurs (evenings)--700pm-8:30pm

Tues, Thurs (mornings) ---11:00am-12:30pm

Saturday--11:00am-1:00pm (OPEN MAT)

In addition to Bill, Gracie Barra Black Belt, We have Charles Dos Anjos (Royce Black Belt, Judo Black Belt, Karate Black Belt) in about every 6 weeks for Sat and Sunday classes. Royce comes in a minimum of three weekends per year. We also have a wrestling and boxing coach.

FYI and Happy New Year

DirtyDullDagger who might you be? I'm coming back to train at the start of New Year. My name is Eric.