Jaco Gear? Help and Info....

im about to purchase some items from these guys im in need of new shorts anyone train in them before? how do they hold up and fit?

also a little info not sure if this is normal but great deal in my view. http://www.jacoclothing.com/us/mma-bundle.html

i could've picked a better day lol im sure everyone is more concerned with the upcoming event. any help would be awesome

The waistband takes some getting used to,but the material is better than any shorts i own (i own a ton) Phone Post

The material is super light and super stretchy,if you like to wear em longer order a size up cuz they run on the shorter side Phone Post

thanks man, i have a pair of old extreme coutore shorts and i have wanted something just like them with a less DB style to them. they even have a pocket on the ass for a wallet? i guess idk. these seem to be the right ones to get.

yea i took advantage of that deal so ill be wearing jaco everything for awhile im guessing. i got two shorts and two rashgaurds. i wish they had some with the irish flag. i went with the american flag and a pair of white shorts. i think im to white to pull off the brazil flag around my gym lol