Jada Pinkett Smith STEAMS her vagina on TV

Steamed pussy was the last straw, huh

That’s just uncomfortable to watch.

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I prefer smoked vag myself. This chick seems to have the right idea. Scene at 14:20 in this vid:

That nigga the black Gwyneth Paltrow.

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This is weird as fuck. It’s basically a woman using some pseudo science medical procedure to have a group fap with her mother and daughter. That’s some weird message to send out to the public.


That bird has never been attractive to me

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Or Dwayne Wade’s train wreck family. Someone has to be in charge or things go to SHIT. Be the silent leader, that’s fine, just lead.

Really taking her role as Fish Mooney too seriously

sad colin farrell GIF


Add incest to the alphabet people.

Nothing but it should be done in a private environment, not on TV with your mom and daughter…its fucking weird.

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im cringing

What would be a good name for a vaginal steaming spa?

The Clamshell


He’d probably annoy the daylights out of me with his scientologist spiel

Under the STDs!