Jagged Alliance 2 Fans!!!


new mod for jagged alliance 2 called Urban Chaos

new tile sets new mercs and new weapons.

totally new story line and new quests.


Man I have to get off my ass and reinstall the game then put up the OG/Gamerground mod into the game.

They finally finished that, huh?

Great game, though. I wonder how this mod will be..

the mod is great guys. if your a fan i would recogmend it.

well from what i read all u have to do is a fresh install of ja2 then install the mod.

im using ja2 gold which is like 1.10 v and it worked perfect.

its like a whole new game. new bios for ever merc. plus some mercs went through stat changes and some died.

the game map is kinda like the original, it has 11 cities and the towns are more modern with a working subway system that goes town to town!

some of the new merc voices are annoying but all in all its great. new story too and new quests. i guess some of the old mercs are back too like postie and spike. but i think they will be boss fights like mike was

i love this game. havent played it in a while now, ill have to dig through my closet to see if i still have it. last time i played through the game i went all melee/knifethrowing (w/ nightops of course - and my custom wasnt melee, the rest were though) w/ the jamaican guy and dr q going martial arts and the brit w/ the uber knife skills. didnt get that far though lol