Jaguar Carpet Python

Now I saw the one in the WOW thread and thought that that is one of the most amazing snakes, eva.

I contacted the breeder to find out $ and avail. and they run for about $5000.00

I know that some snakes are pretty costly, ie:Platinum Ball Python $40k.

But damn I guess I'm heart broken since I wanted one so bad.

Get a male and female and eventually make your money back.

Easy for me to say huh?

lol yeah

Or go cheaper and get het parents and hope for the best ;-)

A fellow herper who reffed at the Arnolds. If I would have remembered that I would have said Hi. Of course I don't know what you look like but it could have been figured out.

Wizbang- What div. did you compete at?

I competed on the Masters and Adult Brown Belt gi. I ref'ed most of the light weight matches. The ugly ass puertorican dude that looks like he is pissed off all the time.

Pissed, for those Aussie and British friends is angry!!!

Masters Light White (the division everyone comes to see.......yeah right). I'm not sure on all the names with faces but I think Caique reffed our 5 man bracket.