Jake Ellenberger signs w/ The IFL

Looks like the welterweight phenom, Jake Ellenberger, has signed with The IFL ...

"Jun 3 IFL, Atlantic City...Jake Ellenberger vs Jay Hieron"

Very good match up, and an excellent test for Jake to see if he can handle that level of wrestler in MMA.

TTT for The Juggernaut

I just heard about his matchup - you know where my money is.

They are building a nice little Welterweight division

Hieron is really good. Just had some bad luck in the Octagon. But he's a monster.

I think Ellenberger is one of those natural athletes ... From what I've heard he has one of the highest learning curves ever in MMA ... This fight should truly show us where both guys are at right now in their MMA careers.



Sam Hoger and i got to hang out w/ Jay Hieron for about 2 hrs in the airport the other day shooting the shit...super cool guy...a lot different then i imagined. I wish him the best!


Here's a fight of Ellenberger's


good luck jake!

Thanks sub and donnie!

Now, I at least know what Jake looks like!!! :) LOL!!

Good luck to him!

thats sweettttt, i heard heiron is tough, it should be a good fight. jake is on a roll don't expect it to stop in june.

Congrats Jake!!