Jake Locker carted off field, FACK!

I'm not a Titans fan, but it was awesome seeing Jake Locker start developing as a sucessful QB. said it was a hip injury, damn.

He stopped moving immediately no writhing in pain just laid there motionless. Phone Post 3.0

Yeah could be a career ender. I hope it was just a hip pointer, but said they x-rayed him at the stadium and took him to the hospital, so I assume there is a fracture.

Titans really had altered their game plan to suit his abilities, and he was really running the team very well. Fitzpatrick is a nice backup, but certainly not someone you want driving the team for 12 games.

They said on Fox he is getting an MRI. I am not a fan of the Titans but this guy is one of the young QBs who was getting way over looked but was steadily improving. I hate to see anyone get injured even if they are on the Raiders or Cowboys. 

"this guy is one of the young QBs who was getting way over looked but was steadily improving"


so true. really hope it's not serious.

I heard mention of possible dislocation. If so that is EXTREMELY painful and could limit his mobility permanently.

Bo Knows!

Don't think his motionlessness meant too much. As soon as he went down he was clutching his hip, so clearly it was an injury there not spinal or neck. I think he was just making sure to keep his core still. Phone Post 3.0

Hurt vagina Phone Post 3.0

Also, he looks like Fedor. Phone Post 3.0

Former husky... :( Phone Post

Was looking awesome to. Dude can't get away from the injury bug Phone Post 3.0

Fitzpatrick is possibly the best second stringer out there, and has been a fantasy gem in the past in Buffalo. He may be a good spark to the Titans and their anemic offense, and I am considering picking him up with Eli and Alex Green as my current QBs.

^bro you're in trouble if you have a backup RB at QB!!!


And yes, this fantasy team of mine is craptacular.

alex green is a rb. do you mean alex smith?

Lol, yeah. Not up to par this evening. Thanks!