Jake Paul calls jorge masvidal a "h**", "low iq individual"

Not watching. Fuck jake Paul. But wtf is the word bleeped out? Hoe?


“I would love to fight Masvidal”

Something tells me if he ever sees Jorge again he will get his wish.


jorge is like 37 years old and just got brutally KTFO, probably will never be the same again. I doubt jake is worried about him. In a boxing match it would be easy money, but now that jorge has started losing again its not that great from a sales point of view.

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“Her” when Jorge’s pronouns are he/him. Thems are fighting words.

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I think both are turds. And the reporters aren’t wrong. Why did masvidal dick ride Jake Paul when he was fighting askren and act like he was helping him? Was lame. You elevated your career off that askren knockout and he took it like a man. Why back Jake Paul when it’s mma vs YouTube. Now he’s rooting for Woodley. Masvidal is a hoe.

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Jorge will be just fine. He’s a real fighter and he’s 10x the boxer Jake is. Everyone gets knocked out.

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He does have a point, hoes will be hoes.

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Actual lol

Do people really believe this cunt can’t beat Masvidal in a boxing match? Get real this kid would get destroyed- he is called “ game breed “ for a reason

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It’s probably all marketing, but I’d like to see Jorge get a big money “fight” against whatever Paul brother is “dissing” him.

Masvidal has been around forever, I want him to make money. If that means “boxing” with some YouTube guy, I’m fine with that.

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Somewhere Kimbo is looking down from heaven saying get that bread


He’s right.

None of this has ever been “MMA vs Youtube”.

You drama queen fans are hilarious.

It’s a dude against another dude. Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley don’t represent MMA.

Woodley and Jorge were teammates…

Combat athletes hate him.