Jake Paul calls out Jorge Masvidal - to box!

This would be a bridge too far for Jake.

So in other words he dick tucked the thought of Anderson with a counter proposal to fight Masvidal instead because he is “in his prime” lmao

Masvidal is a journeyman and always will be, is naturally smaller like Jake prefers, just got brutally knocked out by a wrestler. And has nowhere near the striking level of even an old Anderson.

The kid is smart but a punk


Trying to force in nunes vs serrano. Of course in boxing serrano kills her. Just take away any mma skills.

Its such faggot logic.

Masvidal is another hand picked opponent for Jake to beat up. Dana is going to do everything he can to make sure the fight never happens. Jake and Ariel Heelwani are burying the UFC and MMA. Exposing the organization and sport for being overrated.

Jake Paul trained for 1 year and beat 2 MMA world champs. Logan can become light heavyweight champion in the UFC with 1 year of MMA training. He might be able to beat Jan Blackowitch right now.

Completely disagree. Have we forgotten where Masvidal came from. Big Ray hasn’t. Twice for that matter. He has hands. Kamaru probably is the most technically sound boxer in mma. No shame in losing to him.

It’s hard to believe that in 1.5 years we’ve come to a place where many are considering Jorge Masvidal a “lamb to the slaughter” against Youtuber Jake Paul.

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Masvidal thought he was going for clinch/takedown, if only striking, usman is below mas

MMA vs Boxing is counter intuitive.

It seems like an athletic MMA fighter, who has some good hands, and trains all the time, should be able to hang with people who train pure boxing.

But, it’s not so. Boxing is about skill, just as BJJ is about skill.

Imagine an MMA fighter without a pure BJJ background, facing a guy in BJJ, who only trains BJJ. A purple belt. It’s a bit like that.

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