Jake Paul is a modern day gladiator

The fact that the Paul Bros are slick entertainers and self made millionaires who decided to throw caution to the wind and train is admirable as fuck for sure. However, because of them being independent and millionaires these two can dedicate absurd amounts of time and energy to the craft which is also pretty dope considering how they haven’t strayed and stayed dedicated. So with the amount of time and work they put into boxing, they should be good.

BUT the face of combat sports and modern day gladiator?!?! That’s a reach. It’s early days. Jake more that Logan has waaay more potential. Even so, if you’re familiar with the sport of boxing you can still see big time deficiencies and poor mechanics in his game. Something a real boxer can and will exploit. Early days, let’s see how he does in the next few years before we jump to that. What’s gonna happen when he fights a young hungry kid that doesn’t have the security blanket financially?

That will never, ever happen.

Smaller older guys near retirement or retired and celebrities with no experience.

And that is a smart move.

Floyd was there to help legitimize and put Logan over and he did exactly that.

Floyd is, deep down inside, a good dude.

He has offered to train and help many people who talked shit about him. He even offered to train Conor before.

I wish Ronda would have taken him up on it.


worst poster here by far

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Pauls only fight retired fighters that they out weigh.

Woodley is not retired and he’s jacked

I like the guy

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and lost 18 rounds in a row at 170