Jake Paul Set To Face Hasim Rahman Jr

It had a 10 day lapse. He must have been checking and realized even we don’t care about him anymore

Rahman was always a high risk opponent especially relatively to his (total lack of) name value with the casuals. Jake had a lucky break, or maybe he never intended to go through with this in the first place but can now walk around pretending hes being ducked.


JP would have lost this fight easy. Now he can try to make another fight with Tommy Fury in England, which is probably the only boxing event he’ll manage to sell PPV’s for.


Apparently ticket sales were garbage. He saw a way out so he took it. He’s not nearly as big of a draw as he thought he was. Doing big numbers at MSG, basically on his own, wasn’t going to happen and that would damage his brand so he pulled the plug. People are curious enough to find a stream for his stuff, but there aren’t enough people out there willing to fork over $60 for this turd of a fight on ppv and whatever dumb number they came up with for tickets at MSG.


Perfectly summed up.


Most his fans are teenagers that never worked for a day in their life so they ain’t gonna pay for PPVs


He’ll just wait on Nate Diaz.


Nobody cares about Tommy Fury.

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It would sell a lot of PPV’s in Britain for the sheer freak-show factor of it.

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If Paul was smart he would find some Saudi Arabian boxer and fight him in Saudi Arabia for big bucks.


Not surprised

Two sides to every story. Hasim tells his side. Truth lies somewhere in the middle. Jake Paul had options here. Hasim even had a backup (cruiserweight) fighter in his camp ready to go if Hasim couldn’t go.

The real truth imo is lagging ticket sales as well as Jake not wanting to risk too much for a no name guy.


I think you are bang on with this

They were not garbage,

Better then a lot of UFC PPVs that far out.

“News site” that was saying they were garbage are a bunch of haters and posting bullshit.
Saying it was 50% sold out is non sense as you can see.

I’m seeing alot of blue …


But to be fair, there is alot of grey also

The Wire Reaction GIF


Don’t pay much attention to this stuff, but this all seems weird. So Jake agreed to fight a legit boxer who is like 25 pounds bigger and taller than him? Why? All his other fights he makes sure he has an advantage, ie. smaller, old, MMA fighters with horrible boxing. Now he’s OK with fighting a real boxer who’s way bigger?

Guy agreed to lose weight and get to 200, but he is struggling and still at 215. Still had a week, but they cancelled the fight based on that anyways? Guy says he would fight at the higher weight and give up his purse, or he has a smaller substitute fighter who can step in, lol. Everything about this seems like dumb ideas and ridiculous bullshit. Is this youtube boxing federation rules, you can just do whatever?

Paul probably just realized it was all a bad idea and he might get ass kicked and have his brand damaged over it so he said fuck it and cancelled it.