Jake Paul Set To Face Hasim Rahman Jr

i did too

Rahman clearly was not going all out and I still thought he did well

Wow. An athlete with some bravado.


First time in history!

in sparring ?

Rahman was clearly letting Jake work.

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A million athletes have shown off a million times in practice. It is what it is.

It’s fine if you hate the guy, but don’t pretend to hold him to some made up standard that you think he needs to uphold.

He is not the first or last person to have fun with an athletic career. No need to get upset over the guy, he hasn’t hurt anyone except a few opponents.

And his level of competition is no different than any number of big time boxers when they started out but I don’t see people shitting on their early days. Not Jake’s fault he started boxing when already famous. That doesn’t mean he has to instantly fight guys with way more experience to make people like you happy.

only person ive ever seen do that in sparring was Charlie Z and Ive seen a lot of sparring


You saying a different person with a record of 5-0 isn’t serious?

We know

Yea. A lot of better grapplers seem to let me “work”

No wonder the ug is the worst part of this site

I just know being in Philly boxing gyms I have seen really good boxers let guys they know that aren’t on par move and feel it out. The rule is you hit as hard as you want to be hit. Sometimes the newbies go a little hard and get sparked out. Other times as they improve so does the intensity of future sparrings. I have a hard time believing Rahman was brought in to make Jake a punching bag at that moment.

In bjj/grappling its “flow” rolling. Enough resistance without giving a full out ass whooping. I’ve been lucky to have more experience guys do that with me when I started out and make sure to return the favor to new guys.


I am an empty soul

Not sure what you mean by that. Sparring is almost the same as grappling and standing except a 90 degree angle. I’ve never seen someone spar and not work on shit. He just kept staring at him, pretending to lean in and out as if he had a laser or speed. Then the homie just throws one punch and cracks him lol.

If Jake was actually sparring there then I feel bad for all the other boxers with or near his ghosted record that are much better don’t get money from yapping.

He doesn’t seem to mind