Jake Paul Struggling to Sell Boxing Tix for Venue that Holds just 3,000 Fans

YouTube star Jake Paul, one of the founding fathers of influencer boxing, is taking a break from high-profile gimmick bouts to focus on a legitimate rise through the ranks of the “sweet science.” The means to that end is an eight-round cruiserweight showdown opposite the unheralded Andre August at the upcoming DAZN-streamed boxing event on Fri., Dec. 15, 2023 inside Caribe Royale Resort in Orlando, Florida.

That’s less than a month away.
Unfortunately for “The Problem Child,” fight fans aren’t tripping over themselves on the way to the ticket window. A recent search on Ticketmaster revealed a plethora of available seats, a problem that may have also torpedoed his Madison Square Garden fight the last time Paul attempted to box an opponent with marginal name value. Perhaps that’s one of many reasons why his brother Logan opted to retire from boxing.

Even if Jake doesn’t believe it.
“Jake Paul is one of the biggest names in boxing and we are delighted to be broadcasting his fight on Friday, December 15th,” said the very optimistic Joe Markowski, CEO of DAZN. “Jake has always stated he wants to be a World Champion and this is another step towards that dream. The world will be watching. Live and exclusive, only on DAZN.”

The world?

Paul, 26, rebounded from a decision loss to Tommy Fury by outpointing former UFC star Nate Diaz last summer. As for the 35 year-old August (10-1-1, 5 KOs), he’s coming off a unanimous decision victory over Brandon Martin earlier this year.

For more on their upcoming headliner on Dec. 15 in Orlando click here.

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I’d like to chime in and say how much I loathe this is even a term or category




Have people finally come to the realization that Jake Paul is a fraud and everything is for show and probably fixed?



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I watched his opponant hitting a bag and it looked absolutely pathetic.
Jake paul is a liar, a fraud and a thief.

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Every one of his fights is against out of their prime non-boxers except the one he actually lost

Most of them never even had a prime in boxing, like Askren.

He was a horrible striker for MMA, let alone boxing


Cause he’s fighting a no name. Why would anyone care unless it’s against a famous guy

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Do you work for mmamania? I always see you post the titles word for word from their site.

Anyways, the Jake Paul show is over. This is why he keeps trying to desperately call Nate out for MMA. The boxing gimmick is done and people just dont care to see slop box much anymore

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15 minutes are over it seems.

He’s here trying to get clicks for his website

Seems like the only people watching him were mma fans that were hoping to see him lose.

Jake Paul


I can’t wait to get in the cage and axe kick this fool. Nate Diaz stop making excuses. 2024.


Still out there beggin

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I think the event will sell out, still weeks away

He’ll pull a hammy kicking like that, needs to work on his flexibility.

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The promotion will probably either buy up the tickets, or fill it up with plants to make it look like a sellout. That seems like something up the Pauls alley of swindling

Can’t believe anyone would pay to watch this joke fight.

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PFL ups the ante, offers Nate Diaz $15 million to sack up and fight Jake Paul in MMA