Jake Paul vs Anderson Targeted for October

We don’t know how much Anderson Silva has eroded.

That being said,…I am happy that somebody like Jake has created a new way for old champs to make a big paycheck

Probably more of a psychological ask. He made 182 lbs vs Chavez jr.


sigh, thats not john candy

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Exactly. It’s a big brother move.

Guessing Anderson is doing the same thing Jake is…not wanting to make the other guy come to his weight, and meeting closer to the middle. He cut down lower than 185 when fighting a smaller guy, and wants to fight a little heavier against the heavier guy.


He just boxed like 4 months ago, I think we pretty much know what we’re getting with him.

Anderson fought at 205 at one point and looked good.

The 187 is weird but then again he’s almost 50.

Also, interesting that Jake will fight someone close to his own weight finally.

Paul plans on fighting at 185 from this point forward. He’s already stated that.

Picking a 2lb difference just appears as Anderson wanting the weight to be his decision.

185 isn’t a division in boxing. Regardless of what Jake said in that interview, I find it hard to believe Jake plans on creating his own division and sticking with that. He’s talked about wanting to be a world champ, there’s no boxing world champ at 185.

175 and 190 are the two closest divisions. 182 for Chavez Jr KINDA made sense because it’s about halfway between the two “real” divisions and shows the lighter fighter that you’re comfortable giving away some of your “advantage.” Instead of making you come all the way to me, I’ll come in a little lighter.

I think with Jake it’s similar. Anderson fought MMA at 185, Jake will be fighting at 190, and Jake saying he’d come to 185 is him being confident and saying he wants to beat Anderson where Anderson is used to fighting. I think Silva sees that, and is trying to show that same level of confidence, saying he’ll come closer to Jake’s weight.

I think it’s gamesmanship on both sides.

Jake has said in a few previous interviews and Tweets to Dana he wanted to fight at 185 because that’s the weight class he would fight in the UFC. He’s claimed he could even make 170, but he didn’t want to destroy his body like the other 170lber do.

That’s most likely why he wanted Anderson at 185. That’s his fantasy UFC weight class. :laughing:

Plus I don’t think Paul really wants to fight as a boxer against actual boxers. I doubt he cares about boxing weight classes, at least in that regard.


Anderson is going to be juiced out of his mind for this fight

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No need to fake a Ko, you just purposely zag when you should of zigged & take their hit for real

Like those PRIDE fights where the can knew they were to be KOed but the pro didnt know lol


Will this be the oldest guy Paul has ever fought? Each year the people he picks to fight are older and older. Maybe he will go for Tyson in 3-5 years.

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The odds are even at -110 each on Bovada. If you want free money bet on Jake

I think each guy he has faught has been better then his previous, even nearing 50 Silva is the most dangerous guy Jake has went up against. Guessing after this we see the Nate fight and maybe Hall down the line.

They want people to pay $60 for the card.

Anderson Silva vs Paul plus the undercard does not have 1% of the value offered to fans that the best MMA cards from UFC, PRIDE and DREAM offered.

Even if I was worth 30M I would still not find value in paying $60 for Anderson vs Paul in 2022. The card is shit.

That’s pretty cool.