Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson Set For This Year

Tyson could have KOd RJJ.
He was obviously holding back.
But he did really hurt him with at least one body shot. RJJ was visibly in pain after the fight.

I don’t think Jake Paul takes one of those – and I don’t think Tyson can resist landing a couple just to make his point – regardless of whatever arrangements are made.

I also don’t think Tyson is chinny.
He had an all-time chin that held even when he was way past it and just showing up for paydays.
I realize age is a factor, but I bet Tyson can still take a pretty good shot.
Also going to be very difficult for Paul to land anything clean on Mike.

It feels scary because the most unlikely result would be like a slap in the face to reality.

But realistically even old man Tyson should be too much for Paul – even assuming it is 100% real – which it likely won’t be.

Also, Tyson is a little more legacy conscious at this point in his life.
He wouldn’t be risking embarrassment if he didn’t feel good about what he can do.

Tyson by body shot from hell.


what a joke. this guys wins and what hes proud he beat up an old man. weird he wants none from anderson does he.

I am glad tyson is making money thats about it from this. I actually like the paul bros but I thought they were going to step up in competition.

The Anderson shit makes me chuckle.
Paul bros. pretend he doesn’t exist.
“Anderson? Nah. Never heard of him.”:sob:


hopes that tyson bangs on famous yelling video boy
video boy is no fight
is clown man

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