Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley watch thread

So who all is going to watch?

At least its no longer that Triller trainwreck and some actual boxers are on the card.


How many of you are buying the PPV vs ‘going somewhere to watch’

Won’t be watching but if it’s still on when I get home tonight I’ll find it online somewhere I’m sure. Interested in the main event thats about it. This is Paul’s first real challenge albeit not against a real boxer, I think he gets it done. Would be interested in watching him vs Tommy Fury after.

How much is the ppv? 50?

Paul is smart he fights non boxers in a boxing match. Paul will win he is a bigger dude and better boxer.

3 hours…

Won’t watch but looking forward to result

I’ll be watching it. PPV is 59.99 so I’ll be “watching elsewhere”.

I’ll watch if I find a stream…I hope there’s a knock out either way

RdotC…link please…

Seam, team, ream

Sunday night bullshit boxing? I’m down. It will probably be a shitty fight. Neither guy is really a good “boxer”, but both have trained enough to have some defense and not get KTFO’d like Askren.

Hopefully there’s not a ton of bad music mixed in. Will Snoop Dogg be present on the mic?

Main event won’t start till what? Midnight? 1am?


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Its Showtime mamma mia!

In to observe a tributary

Start time floating around:

Stream the PPV: SHOWTIME.com Start Time: 8PM/5PM ETPT, Main Event: 12AM/9PM ETPT | PPV Price $59.99

Broadcast starting now…

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The start of the main card or main EVENT is at 9ET?

Sounds like the main event isnt until like 11 or 12…

so hours of gansta rap and hos ?