Jake Paul would knock out Conor in boxing

You’re crazy if you think otherwise. Conor is tiny and very hittable. No way he could take Jakes punches


Ok glad that’s settled


You mad lol

OP is late to the bandwagon and is half joking. Little does he know he’s actually right.

I proclaimed this months ago on the UG.

Requirements for an MMA fighter to beat Jake Paul, who is actually pretty good at boxing for a celebrity and was an Ohioan wrestler:

  • Above average to excellent striking for MMA.
  • Heart

Askren was missing the first one. Conor is missing the second. Guys like the Diaz bros, Masvidal, Usman, Adesanya, etc could dispatch the Paul bros.

I’ll give you full credit. I’m not trolling here. Conor would get his licks in but Jake is bigger, stronger and fast enough to land on Conor in a boxing match. Conor would likely bulk up for it which makes him even slower and more hittable

The only part I would disagree with is Gaetche beating them. Again… too small for the Paul brothers and although I love watching him fight… he’s an absolute punching bag without his leg kicks to keep a distance

Yall are fucking retarded.


Actually yeah, I forgot Justin was a 55’lber, I’ll remove him from that list.

Jake weighed in at 191lbs.

This thread should have came with a trigger warning

I actually agree, there’s a reason Conor chooses to fight at 155. No way Jake can make that weight.

I’d be hoping for one of those double knock outs.

Conor turned into a panic wrestler vs a little skinny BJJ dude from Stockton. Paul is like a younger, bigger, richer, more famous, better boxer version of Conman.

Little?? He was tree times his soize

45 year old post GOAT Anderson Silva, THATS the match up i wanna see and not PURE boxing, have to allow elbows and trips.

Yeah cause 168 x 3 = 169

McGregor 155 Paul 191