Jake Plummer.........

Just passed Elways record of yards passing in a season and tied or passed his season TD mark with 27. Thats pretty amazing. Take away the four picks against SD (all of which hit the receivers in the hands or chest) and I think people would have a much different opinion of Jake Plummer.


my opinion of plummer

please beat the colts.

i would love to see plummer come into pittsburgh where not even denver will be able to run the ball!

"not even denver will be able to run the ball!"

Um ok. Good one. You are very, very wrong, but keep up the wishful thinking. We have been able to run the ball on everyone over the last 10 years. That is one thing Denver does very well.


guess who has the best run defense in football!!!

but that's okay cause i understand you look at the broncos through rose colored glasses.

"Just passed Elways record of yards passing in a season and tied or passed his season TD mark with 27. Thats pretty amazing"

The only amazing thing about Plummer is he constantly makes the same mistakes over and over.I think Denver fans are finally starting to realize why Arizona got rid of him.

Only surprised me a little bit. The value of Elway was never in his stats.

Shadetree is actually right. I'll never get used to saying that. Jake has great talent, but it's his decision making that hurts him. The reason why Elways was great was because he had a cannon, he'd learn from his mistakes, and make good decisions most of the time... especially with the game on the line. Jake got stats. Big deal.

With him as QB, they'll be lucky to make it past Round 1.

Jake is a capable QB. I'm not going to say he's great, because he's proved to be too inconsistant for that. You want to know why I think he broke Elway's record. Well, in certain games (let's take the Atlanta game for example) Jake threw some INTs early which the other team capitalized on and we had to be in the shotgun for the rest of the game to try and come back. He threw for over 400 yds in that game alone and we lost because of turnovers. GaydarBlane is correct, Elway learned from his mistakes. Jake has his really good moments and his really bad moments. The Broncos won't return to glory until he erases those really bad moments. They cost us too many games.

You said that denver is realizing why Arizona got rid of him???? If I recall correctly Arizona didn't "get rid of him." He was a free agent and wanted out.

Well, he does make a lot of mistakes, but I think people are very hard on him simply because of the rep he earned in Arizona and then following John Elway (Griese didn't count). We need to remember this was his first full season on Denver, he was hurt last year for three games. I think it will take him a little while to actually get to the point where sub consciously he knows he doesn't have to make every play and its ok to throw the ball away or take a sack. Brian Griese in his Pro Bowl year here obviously didn't produce as much as Plummer, and I think in time, maybe next year he will feel comfortable and be the great Qb I think he can be.

Another point I would like to make is the fact that at least half those picks were not his fault. The four in SD as I said were bullshit, I know there was one against Atlanta, and I can't think the the few others right now, but even lets say take the four away from SD and the one from Atlanta, I think we would be talking Pro Bowl right now considering he is number 4 in the league in passing, and if not Pro Bowl we would be talking about the potential for many pro bowl years in the future. Honestly, there are worse problems to have as a QB then bad decision making skills. Those can at least be fixed, and once they are fixed, and Shanahan has a history of being great with QB's, I think Plummer could be a top 5 QB in the league.


LOL at Pretjah, to say I look at Denver through rose colored glasses and you don't do the same thing with Pittsburgh is pretty funny. However, Denver would be able to run the ball against you, we have two very capable backs the compliment each other nicely. I do not think you have played a running game like Denvers all year my friend. I hope it happens.


dude what part of 15-1 is looking through rosed colored glasses

how about 12 players named to the probowl or named as first alternates

3 first team ALL PRO's

the first QB ever voted rookie of the year

the number one defense in the league

the list goes on and on

i'm not looking through rosed colored glasses i'm looking at it realistically

"I do not think you have played a running game like Denvers all year my friend."


sure the broncos running game is very good but it's not leaps and bounds ahead of the jets or the ravens.

WOW PRetjah got to it before i did DAMN too much correct on this one....


  • guess most folks forgot that LOL

Pittsburghs backs are still better than anyones in the league the even the backup guys are badasses good ....hell the rookie stringer got 100 plus yards on the Buffalo first team defense

yeah i also forgot to mention besides the 3 first team all pro's they also have 3 second teamers. with polamula somehow getting the third most votes for a saftey how is that possible? maybe one of the first teamers is named john lynch? no ed reed and brian dawkins. no john lynch there!


mmmh i see champ bailey's name listed there (and rightfullly so) but i don't see john lynch even on the second team, or al wilson?



Tapped Out, when 98% of the players in the NFL in a SI poll say Champ is the best corner in the league, it makes your arguement worth just about nothing. I would think that the players in the NFL who play with him and against him would know better than a fan.

Pretjah, to say you do not look at your team through rose colored glasses is a absolute crock of shit. Everyone on here who is a fan of their team does. From what you say you would think your team could walk on water. Fact is none of this 15-1 bullshit means dick

Its a new season and everyone is 0-0. Pit, NE, the Jets, Denver, everybody. Oh and John Lynch made the Pro Bowl and is starting for the AFC. LOL at you throwing the "I'm 15-1" record around. Guess what that means nothing now, lose once and you are out. I think we stand a good shot against Indy, if we run the ball. Nobody can beat that team in a shootout. Not even Pit.


no i may look a the steelers with a bias as most fans do.

however i don't think clark haggans is the best outside linebacker inthe league like you think al wilson is the best middle linebacker. fact is al wilson isn't even top 4 OFFICIAL(see all pro team) and more than likely there is a few more (Dan Morgan, brian urlacher, to name 2)

and i have no problem saying when a player on my team does something dirty(see john lynch thread for your problem ding this)

my bias pales in comparison to your rose colored glasses.

"and i have no problem saying when a player on my team does something dirty(see john lynch thread for your problem ding this)"

Also see the Chop Block Haters thread :)

So what's your take on the Joey Porter/Todd Heap play in Week 2, Pretjah??

Due to 303's fanaticism I look forward to the Broncs going 0-1 in this 'new season.'