Jake Rossen you're not funny


you sound like a jackass MMA reporter

Good read. Jake Rossen hate is generally misguided.

Yamma is a waste of everyone's time.

Well Rossen isn't a reporter, but every week he manages to maintain his status as the worst writer covering the sport.

you havnt read yahoo, apparently.

 i like the minute by minute write ups he does

Rossen's Minute By Minute coluns are consistently the best thing on Sherdog.

 Yeah I think Rossen's minute by minute reports are funny and always a good read. 

"10:00 p.m. I hear the voice of Bruce Beck, the renowned former UFC broadcaster and one of the most professional, polished voices in all of sports.

Despite my nostalgia for Beck, I will try to remain objective.

10:01 p.m. There he is, glistening like a golden coin in the sun. Doesn't look a day older"


I find him quite amusing.
Oh wait, sin't it de rigeur to hate all things Sherdog on this site.
Fuck you Rossen!

[quote]Fletch F Fletch - It's just a rip-off of Bill Simmons' running diary gimmick on ESPN.com[/quote]


Complete ripoff.