jake sheilds vs. Gsp?

who do ya got?

GSP, but it would be more competitive than Kos or any other WW imo

A cool fight.


Id love to see Shields win, but its hard for me to bet against GSP.


Do you think he will get a warm-up fight first?


JOB - Do you think he will get a warm-up fight first?

 I was wondering the same thing. Although I think I GSP will win, I wouldn't mind seeing an opponent of Shields' caliber get an immediate title shot, especially when considering the current state of the division. Most of the top guys at WW have already had a shot against GSP.

Shields could be in for a long wait though considering Koschek/GSP is slated next after filming the upcoming season of TUF.

GSP would run a wrestling clinic on Shields

shields has no chance in this fight

Their wrestling will cancel each other out. GSP will KO him standing up.