Jake Shields vs. Ed Herman

 Up next.... I got Shields.

Ed Herman takes this Phone Post

shields by choke

War short fuse Phone Post

Shields at MW is on a different level then Shields at WW imho.

You've been on a roll tonight Card, but I got Herman in this one, shields is over rated IMO Phone Post

Herman season 13 TUF vet lol Phone Post

Damn good song choices for both Phone Post

Ed could hit that chin.

Shields looks nervous... ruh roh

lol Maia isn't on Shields' level apparently

Hogans already sucking jakes dick hahahaha Phone Post

Well, I see other people noticed the Maia oversight

Maia is @ 170 now.

Ed herman is no joke on the ground Phone Post

 damn shields has looked up at the clock twice already... bad sign.

Looks like Herman is trying to test Jake's cardio by clinching with him all day instead of trying to strike.

Anybody else going for Herman? Phone Post

nolabrum - Anybody else going for Herman? Phone Post

I am Phone Post

 Herman wins this