Jake Short v. Jorge Gurgel 9/10

160...SHort v. Gurgel 9/10 FFC Biloxi MS

I am taking this fight on 10 days notice.. my teammate and training partner David Gardner is unable to take the fight and this time... so i am stepping up to the chanllenge... I am looking forward to finally fighting someone my own size at a lower weight... I have nothing but respect for Jorge and his skillz.. but i am definetly coming to win this fight in convincing fasion.. and put on a hell of a show for the crowd while i am at it....

Man of Steel

"Who's Jake Short"

Well to sum it up he thought Sherk was direspecting him when Sean fought a week or two before fighting Jake then talked abunch of smack and then got his ass handed to him by Sherk!

It was fun to watch after reading all the crap Short posted about Sherk!

Good luck Jake. I'm sure it will be one Hell of a fight. Both, you and Jorge are great fighters. My training partner, Josh Neer is fighting on that show as well. I'm bummed I will miss this show!

at no time did i ever disrespect or talk crap about Sherk... i was just alil unhappy about him taking a fight two weeks before he fought me.. i think any professional with any sort of pride would feel that same way... and yea.. sherk handled me... atleast i got in there and tried

Man of Steel

thanx John.... i am definetly interested in fighting in XKK.. i think i was told u were one of the contacts.. let me know... i am available starting in NOV

Maybe I misunderstood your post...sorry

I respect you stepped up though good luck against Jorge.

that sucks about gardner getting hurt. i've been waiting for that fight for months. its good though that short has stepped in on short notice. i've got to say that gurgel has to be a strong favorite, but it should be a good fight.


Sucks that Gardner got hurt. It takes guts to fight a guy like Gurgel on a weeks notice.

so if short wins does that means he gets a shot at his teammate for the title?

Jorge will put the hurtin'on Short....Jorge is just too damn good for him to have much of a chance.

Did this fight happen?

ttt, did this fight happen?


No, Jorge broke his hand! Maybe in the future, but Gardner first.


Hey Dave -

I know it is probably hard to say for two guys on your own team, but who is considered better between Short and Gardner? I would think Gardner since he has the belt.

In any case, I look forward to see Jorge and either of your guys fight in the future!

jaks short is short but gurgel is shorter than jake short.

I thought Jorge hand was trashed?