Jake Sokoloff from Tough Enough

Has anyone heard of this guy?

He was on the second season of Tough Enough, if this refreshes anyones memory, he was about 6'4" 250 lbs, has a shaved head other than a little piece of bleached blonde spike in the middle.

He made it to the finals of Tough Enough, but two females were choosen over him.

I use to know the guy personally, haven't heard one word from him in about a year.

But I was going to mention, this guy would make a helluva MMA fighter, he had all it takes, he was an ametuer boxer in California, had a record of 11-0, with 10 KO's, and is a cardio machine, runs about 10 miles a week, and has always loved martial arts and fighting.

I've watched one of his fights a little over a year ago, it was an underground "under the table" type of fight, but the guy has some vicious combinations, his power is unbelievable.

I'm not sure what he's up to these days, I was wondering if anyone knew anything about him?


I remember him he got royally screwed over on that show. Seemed like a good all-around athlete, that shit ruined any chances of me ever watching any more seasons of that show if they even have anymore.

Yeah he is a hell of an athlete, I watched him jump a 5'6" foot fence with only a 10 foot running start, he's seriously a genetic freak, it's ashame he got dicked over on the show like he did.

I never asked him if he had any interest in MMA, but I know he loves to fight, always has, I'd love to see him start a career out of it.

That guy was scary looking...but a "cardio machine" running "10 miles a week"? I hope that's a typo and you meant "100 miles a week".

No I didn't mean 100 miles a week, I know he did run a lot though, at least 10 miles, he'd do hiking/sprinting intervals.

Had a mile run of 4:51


Yeah he wasted everyone in that competition in the physical exercises. Excellent cardio for a big guy. He looked like shit rasslin though, at least he was better than the chicks that won. Although Jackie was better looking.

Figures that a show on MTV would push for two sluts over real athletes.

"Yeah he wasted everyone in that competition in the physical exercises."

He was always coming in second to that guy Danny, but when Danny got cut (he was too plain, very forgettable) then Jake come in first.

He even said after the 1st competition, "Its too easy now that Dannys gone, no competition"

I liked Danny, had all the tools, but not the personality of a wrestler.

He even came in first in the competition on the last day of cuts (to get the intitial group for the house) but was cut. (then brought back when someone dropped out)


From what I remember about the show, he was/is a NYC firefighter

He's actually a fire fighter in Redondo Beach California.



Then he must have moved in the past year and a half