Jake the Snake: Bret Hart got what he deserved in Montreal

Also the freaking contracts for wrestling shadows were done like a year prior or so. Filming had been going on for a long while. It was originally intended to be a very different documentary. Also keep in mind that the deals for wrestling with shadows and beyond the mat WERE BOTH made when wwf was in the shitter and they desperate for new avenues for making money. Thats why they made those deals and later regretted both.

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The whole Hebner family is deranged then lol

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Listened to the podcast today. It was entertaining even though it ran close to 2 hours (maybe 1 hr, 40 mins if you subtract the time for Conrad to read through the various endorsements, including the mainstay, BlueChew).

Anyway, I was left with several takeaways, although I can only remember a couple of few now.

-Foley’s top earning year in WWE was $350,000. That’s not peanuts, but he and Conrad agreed that much lesser talents than Mick are earning waaaaay more money than that.

-Vince was totally prepared to take his punishment from Bret. I probably heard it before, but I’d forgotten that VKM not only came into Bret’s locker room, he stuck around while Bret showered even through Bret warned him to be gone before he came back out because he’d punch him otherwise.

-Mick sure as hell is proud of his writing abilities, having authored a few best-selling books. Good on him!


I wonder who the other guys were that mick said were ready to walk out after Bret got screwed?

Don’t know, but I’d forgotten that Rick Rude was one of them. Packed his bags and left right after the Screw Job.

Im inclined to think that 350 was like a downside guarantee and doesnt include mega bonuses and stuff. I know vince wasnt high on foley which would explain a low starting amount but by the end foley was kicking major ass and an integral part of their program.


Someone should tell Mick that its best selling author, not best written author.

I’ve never heard of him getting any Newberry Awards or Pulitzer Prizes for his writing.

I saw a video of bret hart talking recently, when did he turn in to an elderly Native American man?

Lol. Going by his book it legit seems hes always viewed himself that way.

I could be wrong but I remember Bret saying that he offered to drop the belt before and after Montreal to Shawn or multiple other guys.

Bret claimed the only thing he asked for was not to lose in Canada that was his only condition.

On the Foley podcast referenced above, Mick said he was one of three guys that he knew of who Bret was willing to job to. Stone Cold would have been another one, but I think SCSA was still sidelined with the neck injury from the Owen piledriver. And I forget who the third person was. Undertaker maybe?

YUP. And more specifically not lose to shawn on that specific night at that specific event. He was open to many other outcomes(including losing to shawn on another night.) One of many reasons the “its not reasonable” arguement by detractors is bs.

Incorrect. He has stated he was peeved that Shawn refused to job to him and wasn’t willing to lose to Shawn until Shawn showed him some respect. The “I appreciate that, but I’m not willing to do the same for you” line from Shawn to Bret backstage was the catalyst for the whole thing.

Bret essentially wanted Shawn to do a favour for him first before he put Shawn over. This is clearly stated in the Bret vs Shawn rivalries interview DVD the WWE did when Bret came back.

What i wrote was correct. His stance changed AFTER shawn’s comment and then he refused to job to shawn period just like you wrote. Bret was originally willing to lose to him despite shawn being a prick and a locker room cancer. I wrote this many times already in this thread.

I like Jake, but I think that if anyone should be quiet and not sling mud, it’s him. Jake is in my opinion the biggest wrestler to waste opportunity. He was a top guy in the WWF as the set-up man for Hogan for years. His work was excellent and if he was flying the straight and narrow, he could have extended his in ring career and made a bag full of money and then he could have been working backstage with talent for the past 25+ years making a damn good living for himself.