Jamahal Hill vs Adesanya is the fight

Let’s be honest, nobody gives a shit about the Cannonier fight. Hill coming off a great KO is a perfect top 10 guy for Adesanya to return to 205 against. Grow into the weight, win a fight, then challenge for the belt again. Maybe a rematch with Jan/Rakic for the shot after the Hill fight.

In the meantime, have Vettori vs Cannonier for the interim belt. Rob can fight the winner and if he wins there’s 0 reason for Adesanya to ever return to 185 unless someone new finally pops in.

It would be setting a bad precedent to go from beating a spiraling Johnny Walker to a title shot.

Who’s getting a title shot? I’m suggesting this at 205, Adesanya is 0-1 there but has no more business at middleweight.

Hill could probably cut to 185 if he shaved off that gut.

But I don’t think a fight against Hill is going to entice Adesanya to make the jump to LHW. Fans wouldn’t be clamoring for it. UFC matchmakers likely wouldn’t schedule it. It’s going to be someone higher profile for Izzy.

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Personally I would like to see it. But this makes sense.

I get that but he’s lost to Jan who realistically was a filler champ, I doubt he wins the Rakic fight. So Izzy’s only fight at 205 he got dominated by a top 5 guy, I see no problem with a step back in competition to get into the weight.

I don’t think Izzy should move up at all. He may have proven to be unbeatable lately, but he hasn’t looked dominant.


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Could be something brewing here. Anthony Smith is another option.