Jamaican uses Bas Rutten SLAP

http://hw-mobile.worldstarhiphop.com/u/vid/2014/03/19/rwowoslapuswodytewtbdewhdft4gydewd1_mobile.mp4?ri=512000 Phone Post 3.0

Wtf? Was that real?

Yo come up! Phone Post 3.0

Omg, it's so intense, and it's hard to
Believe it's real. That was awesome, it was like an old school batman episode
"Pop" Phone Post 3.0

Holy shit! Phone Post 3.0

How can he slap? Phone Post 3.0

. Phone Post 3.0

You can do some real harm with a good slap. Phone Post 3.0

Embed please Phone Post 3.0

slapstick humor much?

Dag5 - http://hw-mobile.worldstarhiphop.com/u/vid/2014/03/19/rwowoslapuswodytewtbdewhdft4gydewd1_mobile.mp4?ri=512000 Phone Post 3.0



I dont know how to embed a video but here is the link

All I was thinking was how is his hat staying on top of his head? Phone Post 3.0

I hope this is real Phone Post 3.0


Frick I can't stop laughing.

smacked the taste outa his mouth

Those are some of the loudest slaps I've ever heard.

ho fuck lol Phone Post 3.0

Oh shit, that was highlarious.

In for Jane Goodall to explain this.

neonbelly - In for Jane Goodall to explain this.
Made me laugh harder than the video. Wow. Phone Post 3.0

neonbelly - In for Jane Goodall to explain this.
I'll just say it

I love you Phone Post 3.0