Jameer Nelson will be an NBA bust

great college player but will do nothing in the nba.


he is too small, not a good enough jump shot, cant drive to the hoop, not a great passer

but he kicks ass on the boards right?

"he is too small,"

Damon Stoudamire was smaller and hasn't been a "bust," though he hasn't really lived up to expectations either.

Plus, Nelson is much THICKER than Stoudamire. He's very strong.

"not a good enough jump shot,"

Huh? He's hitting 49% from the field and 40% from the three point line. He's got a much better jump shot than say, TJ Ford, who hasn't been a bust (and who is also shorter than Nelson).

"cant drive to the hoop,"

Uhhh....you must be watching a different Jameer Nelson. I really don't understand how you came up with this one.

"not a great passer"

5.4 assists a game in college is not bad at all. How do you figure he's not a great passer?

I say Jameer Nelson will NOT be an NBA bust (though I don't think he'll be a star either - maybe a minor one).

If you're comparing him to Stoudamire he's definitely a bust.

You think Stoudamire was a bust? Felipe Lopez was a bust. Harold Miner was a bust. Stoudamire has been a decent player. I don't understand what it is you have against him.

I don't hate him intensely, like the way I hate say Antoine Walker and Wally Sczerbicrap.

How do you think Washington's Nate Robinson will do?

Is he the guy with all the highlight dunks on Sportscenter? I'll try to watch him if they're in the tournament.

I think Nelson will be a decent point guard in the pros. Not a bust, but not all-star caliber. I liken him to someone like Brevin Knight or Travis Best.

Ishmael Muhammed if the guy with all the highlight dunks. He plays for Georgia Tech. The guy is an amazing dunker.

I have seen little of Robinson. Who is his father? I assume he is a former NFL player. I am too tired to look it up tonight. I watched a little of the game last night. I didn't get a feel for how big Robinson is. Any extra info on him? He looked quick last night...that was all I gathered.

nate is listed at 5'9", but is probably 5'6".
Washington is in the tourney.