James Harden has become a great defender


Davis and Faried won that Turkey game by themselves. The Curry, Irving, Harden backcourt was a disaster. They kept giving up open 3 after 3 and then Irving would just run the floor and jack up the first shot he had. Harden was kind of weird offensively. Went through stretches where he was setting guys up really well and then others where he just dribbled forever and shot some weird shot.

As soon as Klay Thompson came in for one of those three (can't remember who) USA went on their run and won the game comfortably. Phone Post 3.0

James Harden has overrated himself since he played at ASU. He'll never be 'the man' on any team he plays on.

Harden and defense don't belong in the same sentence, this dude continued to dissapeared during big games, didn't show up in the Finals, MIA during portland series.

he's lucky that beard didn't get a Code Red buzzer when they visited West Point Phone Post 3.0