James Irvin fighting at UFC 65?

I read on a thread from another board that James Irvin is rumored to be fighting at UFC 65. I'm thinking maybe against Bisping.

The UFC has a history of giving TUF guys easy fights to build them up.

I was hoping for Bisping vs. Sakara

Irvin is from Sacramento (event site), so it would make sense from a ticket sales standpoint.

They should use

Nick Diaz, James Irvin, and Tyson Griffin for the howetown crowd.

I know. I will always cheer for our NOR CALI fighters.

No, Bisping was posting over on sherdog a couple weeks ago and said the person he is fighting won his last fight in the UFc in uder three minutes.

Bisping vs Irvin? ...and Mike Swick is trying to tell me he is dispelling the rumor that TUF guys get special treatment?