James Mcsweeney

After seeing most of the episodes of tuf 10 afew times now ive noticed how much of a c#*k James Mcsweeney is. First of all he's a rat, tellin mitrione wat that other guy said (that he wanted to slap him or watever)and then tellin rashed about the note he wrote. tellin tiddies he'l knock him the f#*k out, getting involved in every argument rashad an rampage are having!

And then he was talking about one of the fights (possibly big baby's before it happened) and sayin about havin the fight experience and how guys like nelson and junk and him have alot of experience!

The guy is 3-4 with all his fights coming against absolute nobodies except Al-turk and MAYBE grove and yet he walks around like he's beaten fedor or somethin.

Ill give it to him that he has a pretty good kickboxing record but this aint kickboxing! Stop bein a cocky dick at least until u earn the right!

I think he's always between Rashad and Rampage because he's friends with Rashad, outside TUF.

But I agree

Oh and someone else made the same thread, with the same points, lol

Oh i didnt realise someone else made the thread already i was lookin for it but couldnt find it.

Was just watchin an episode an he was annoyin me so much.

I understand hes rashads friend but even tiki who is rampages pillow biter doesnt get between them as much.

From what I can tell of him, he's one of those guys that's supposedly much better than they perform in the ring/cage. I guess he's really talented, but his MMA fights don't reflect that. He's one of those killers in the gym that throws all of that out the door in his bouts.

He's a cocky dick for sure. If I weren't a mud i'd post an image of him with his hands on his knees like a dumbass baseball left fielder from his fight vs football wes.

He talks all this shit, and had arguably the WORST fight on an already dismal season?

He does seem to have a habit of lumping himself in with any group of guys he's describing positively, instead of just mentioning others.

I find that somewhat self-centered, but whatever.

 This guy is bothering me as well, he seems like a true instigator and drama queen.

I'm only judging the guy from what I've seen of him on Spike TV.  He's probably a really nice guy.

Right before this season tuf mcsweeney fought new jersey's ricardo romero at ring of combat and was absolutely dominated. Romero didn't even break a sweat.

 I like James, too.


 The guy has TKO losses to Neil Grove and Mostapha Al-Turk and a losing record.  I'd be a bit irritable as well.

I fucking hate this dude. Hes always in the thick of things. Whenever wes is picking on someone, mcsweeney is always in the background laughing out loud sycophantically. He is a fucking weasel.

he did a better job of cornering than rampage did tho