James Toney interview re: Prizefighter

Badly slurred speech. I wish the guy well.

That needs fuckin' subtitled.


^This guy was the shit. Really wish he would have retired years ago.

^^ this. I always thought he was so great avoidig shots but again 20 yrs of fights an sparring prob took its toll.

Also sad to see his speech a lot worse from the couture fight till now. Man i lmfao with his helwani interviews Phone Post 3.0

The guy is the living definition of punch drunk Phone Post 3.0

Man I wish that Toney Shamrock fight would've happened. Phone Post 3.0

Holy shit. That is sad. Phone Post 3.0

) : Phone Post

This is really sad.

That mans a warrior. Show respect. Phone Post 3.0

For comparison. Skip to 1:08.

I had a chance to talk to him at a Burger King (no joke) in Reno, where he was after his rematch with Mike McCallum. His speech is very bad now. It's sad because at his best, he was neat unbeatable. He is only fighting for the money which is horrible.

Terrible to see such a great talent this damaged. I dont think i have ever seen a fighter with speech that bad while still fighting Phone Post 3.0

Sad to think where he'll be in 5 years. In 10 years.

Damn shame. Loved watching him fight when he was a super middle Phone Post 3.0

What is the format for this Prizefigher show? If I'm reading right, he's about to participate in a one-night 8-man tournament at the age of 45. Wow.

From Wikipedia:

"The Prizefighter series is a professional boxing tournament created by boxing promoter Barry Hearn and aired on Sky Sports. The format has an initial eight fighters, who compete in four quarter-finals of 3 x 3 minute rounds (number and length of the rounds is same as in amateur boxing) followed by two semi-finals and one final all on the same night."

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