James Toney would lose to Urijah Faber

Not only would Toney lose to the California Kid, the list of 145 & 155 high level wrestlers that would beat Toney is long (Mike Brown, Frankie Edgar, etc.)
Randy Couture as his 1st opponent? Randy would eat this guy for lunch and spit him out!!! This fight would be reminiscent of the old days. Toney is going to learn real fast this is not boxing! (Unless,Dana feeds him Kimbo!)
It's simple you cannot learn to defend a takedown from a high level wrestler in a few months, it's not going to happen!!

LOL - But I guarantee he could not stop their takedowns. Then it would be the proverbial "fish out of water"!



OWNEDbythe209 - Tony would beat all those guys at once with one arm tied behind his back VIA satellite launch... he'd be like the new ride in town... They'd make midget tossing illegal again after that shit..


What I want to know is - has toney actually trained at an MMA camp yet?

JOB - What I want to know is - has toney actually trained at an MMA camp yet?

Yes he learning how to defend Juanito's power double leg takedown!

If Dana gives him Kimbo this is a joke (and a freak show)! Give him a someone with a vicious ground and pound and shut this bigmouth up!

If I hear Dana say one more time "I really respect this guy, I have for years, he's a real fighter, a real tough guy, ..... blah, blah. He would be owned by ANYONE with decent wrestling skills, GUARANTEED!!!

Or shit wrestling skills. If he hasn't trained wrestling, someone with a week's training will take him down.

lol@ the OP. Way to rearrange a quote from Dana, lol.

BTW, Tony would knock Faber dick stiff.

i'd like to see toney against kenflo actually, i say flo shoots in, jumps onto toney's back and sinks in a rear nekked shoke ftw, war flo