James Tony vs Hasim Rahman 2morrow

In boxing tomorrow, James Toney is taking on Hasim Rahman. I'll go with Toney by KO. Your pick?

Toney by KO after taking the piss out of Rahman for at least 4 rounds

Toney by decision. Greatest fatass fighter EVA!!!

" Tell it to Mark Hunt"

Toney used to fight at 160. Now he fights at like 235. When have you ever heard of a guy who is only at heavyweight because he'd prefer to eat himself stupid than diet and stay in shape, and still beats his opponents with the greatest of ease. James Toney is the incredible expanding man!! Recognize, bitches!!

I think Toney takes this one, regardless of how he looks physically.

The guy is amazing, regardless of what he looks like he's always got plenty of gas and hand speed. Toney by KO 7th round!

Toney by - sluring, punch-drunk saliva drowning.

LOL @ this being PPV

It's not PPV, bozo.

I'll go with the upset and say Rahman since no one else will.

Toney's speech is not slurred. He has talked that way since the inception of his career.

Also, with his ability to avoid being hit cleanly he has as good a chance as any other fighter to avoid brain damage.

"It's not PPV, bozo."

Bozo notwithstanding, thank you. Because at first I didn't think it was then somebody told me it was ppv.

I will tune in.

I can't believe people are even discussing this. Boxing died years ago, it's a damn shame.

Tony will take the best Rachman has to offer and then take a decision from The Rock.

TheAofD is correct

"yea I agree. I havent watch a boxing match in over a year but for some reason Im interested in this fight. "

Interesting fight that brought you back to boxing.
There have been several (suppose to be) exciting action fights that would have brought me back sooner I.E. Bernard Hopkins/Jermaine Taylor I.

If you want exciting boxing you really have to watch the lighter weight classes. Chances are Toney/Rahman won't be that great.

Rahman by Elephant Man Submission as Toney quits in disgust from rubbing up against another huge pus filled lump on Rahman's forehead.

Did you see the size of that thing on Rahman's noggin the other year? It was like another half a head growing above his eye socket.

ya....someone needs to take an angle grinder to that thing. widdle 'er down a bit.

Pulling for Rahman, but I think it's gonna be Toney.