Jamie Gold on WSOP PPV

they brought him in to talk a bit. Phill Gordon asked him what he thought so far...he says..

"I've seen some suspect calls."


what a fucking tool. your entire run last year was a series of suspect calls, one after another.

I usually give players the benefit of the doubt when I watch them on TV. There's so much more to the game you dont see in edited footage, so even though it may come across as if a player made a bad or dumb play - there's usually a reason behind it.

However, while I give Jamie his props for dominating the 06 WSOP, he is one BAD player in cash games. He just has fundamental leaks in his game.

PR, what would you say his fundamental leaks are? have heard gold criticized a lot but not being an expert, haven't really heard what makes him such a bad player (emphasis is usually on his personality)...


this was the unedited PPV. no hole cards. he was watching live as well.

From what i saw, Gold likes to see too many flops with weak hole cards in Cash Games.