Jamie Noble released

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-- As reported on the newsboard earlier, Jamie Noble has been released from the WWE. This has been confirmed by the WWE themselves, on WWE.com.

-- While the reason has not been made exactly apparent as of yet, it is believed that Noble’s 90-day contract renewal cycle was up at the beginning of the week, and that is when he was informed of the decision.

not surprising

That kinda sucks, imo.

Good by WWE, Hello X-Division.

It's okay. He still has a lot of the money left over from his aunt's will.

It's okay. He still has a lot of the money left over from his aunt's will.


No great loss. Ever since the whole thing with Nidia broke off, he's kinda sucked and floundered in the Cruisers. Guess no one really wants some redneck annoying asshole in the WWE. Hell, at least SCSA was a cool redneck asshole. Noble was the annoying kid who needed a swirlie in school.

When Vince bought WCW he inherited a roster of people, the majority of whom he would never have recruited individually. From a financial standpoint having someone like Jaime Noble around is negligible. He's a junior, and despite his in ring talent, for the most part small men don't really draw or detract too much with the larger audience. It's a side show thing (like the Womens title) with the difference being the 'divas' sell more merch (calendars, posters, DVD's, etc).

The exceptions of someone who breaks out (Rey Mysterio) or who's short but bulks up, has other strong attributes and is able to credibly pass with the audience (such as Jericho and Guerrero) are few and far between. While Noble's strength is that he can have 'good matches' with anyone, that alone has very little to do with what makes money in the real world. In other words, he doesn't pass and never will.

The fact that Noble made an insurance claim tied to a WWE incident turned him from someone without much upside...into a financial nuisance and liability to the office. So while other expandable juniors like a Spike Dudley may slide under the radar for being an asset in other ways (public appearances, being a good company man), Noble's actions showed he had to go. A message had to be sent.

Regardless of what field you're working in or the validity of your claim, when you seek financial compensation against your company through a third party, you're not long for employment.

what was the claim regarding? sucks that he had to go, he was solid, though i can say he's the reason i flicked on smackdown! each week.


I like Noble but I'm glad he was cut.
Hopefully he can do better in another organization.

Jamie isn't incredible, he's fucking annoying.

As long as he doesn't talk,then he is enjoyable to watch.

If he's not making a profit than yah...WWE needs to cut him.