Jamie Varner SUSPENDED in KY. SEE WHY!!!

Jamie Varner shows up for his scheduled fight at Gruesome MMA and is suspended from competition in KY.. Check out the teaser and watch the show tomorrow to find out why!! 


Why did you start this thread? 


 In B4 OJ confession

steve sanders

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 By the way the big cliffhanger ending is that Varner didn't bring his bloodwork with him to his scheduled fight for Gruesome MMA so he wasn't cleared to fight.

Fascinating stuff.

Oh oh oh... its not that simple. As someone that was there, you may want to check the episode posted tomorrow right here on this forum, and nationally on Saturday on TuffTV.

If it was that simple, we wouldn't break the story. Varner is a joke. You'll see.

Whoa that host drank wayyyy too much coffee.

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Hmm... Accurate post there. I really needed to catch up on the Saga.

On another note... We have great footage from BAMMA and M1 Global on the Varner-Gate episode as well.

Less than 24 hrs til the show goes up.. And the drama unfolds. And YES I love coffee..

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