Jamie Varner Thinks Laura Sanko Sucks

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Retired MMA champion Jamie Varner has been reminded of Laura Sanko’s credentials after he launched an astonishing attack on her commentary skills.

Sanko, 41, was on hand to call the latest UFC event at the Apex, with Rose Namajunas beating Amanda Ribas via unanimous decision.

But Varner, a previous WEC champion and UFC veteran, has controversially criticised Sanko on social media, in a duo of posts that ignited backlash from fans.
Laura Sanko sucks so bad at commentating!’ he begun. 'She’s a try hard that speaks about things she knows nothing about.

‘Talking about blast doubles and how tiring it could be in the first round of the fight, like what do you know about any of those things? Stay in your lane, TryHard.’


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Laura Sanko has hit back at a former UFC star who criticised her commentary


He continued: 'Laura Sanko is ruining the fights by talking so much. Leave the commentary to the people that have actually fought.

‘A female UFC fighter should have that job, she is just annoying and it’s obvious she is trying so hard and doesn’t know what she is talking about’.
But Sanko has fought her corner, insisting that she has the requisite experience to share her insight on the action.

‘Jamie Varner you and I actually fought on the same card in 2011 for Titan FC,’ she said in a lengthy rebuttal.

'We warmed up next to each other in the basement of the Memorial Hall building in KCK. My best friend braided your hair because you couldn’t find anyone to do it. I remember thinking how cool it was at the time to be on a card with you. I had followed your career in the WEC and was a a little star struck to be honest.

'It’s ok that you don’t like my commentary, but respectfully, I’ve been a part of this game and training since 2006.

‘I’m a brown belt in Jiu Jitsu and while I can’t compare my career to yours I have in fact fought. And if ufc had a 105 division I would have fought a lot longer.’

Sanko became the UFC’s first female commentator since UFC 1 at UFC Vegas 68.


I didn’t watch last night other than my Armo brother’s fight, but she kinda put him in his place with her response. He comes off like a real moron with that take.


With that reply, Laura Sanko now has W over Jamie Varner on her record lol


Like Rogan and Anik.


She wasn’t that bad at all honestly. Sounded professional.


I don’t mind her at all. Rogan is far worse on commentary


Laura via TKO. Jamie might want to walk that on back after her response.


Lmao, it doesn’t surprise me jamie said this. I should text him this thread. Her voice annoys the shit out of me. Feel free to flame.


A better title would be “Jamie Varner thinks Laura sanko sucks”

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Certainly more accomplished than Joe!

Pro Record 1-0-0 (Win-Loss-Draw)
Amateur Record 4-0-0 (Win-Loss-Draw)

But kinda surprised to learn she is a full on wife and mother, unless something’s changed? Always got the impression she was on the prowl amongst the sweaty muscular men for some reason.

I’ve never paid any attention to Laura so I have no opinion on that but we had a girl take 3rd in state for wrestling, she came onto the coaching staff and went overboard with making sure you knew she was a coach. Then if the kids asked her any questions she would tell them crap advice bc all she had was a headlock. You can have some “experience” and still suck.

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I haven’t minded her in the past, but she was a little grating last night. I think the joking banter sometimes overshadows the actual commentary of the fight.

Laura is awesome in the booth, I’ve enjoyed listening to her over the years from Invicta to DWCS to UFC. Jamie sounds like an idiot who didn’t even know she was a fighter.


Ive seen more pathetic attempts from incels to get some attention from the hot chick.

That said.


A champ in a weak division way back when, when competition started while the ufc built the lighter divisions, Jaime fell into the abyss.

Stay in your lane, Varner.

You peaking before the UFC, may be the best compliment i have for you.

Side note: met jaime when he was fighting, nice guy. Got his signature, had a couple of drinks in Vegas, etc.

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There were rumors she was fucking the owner of that MMA gym that got accused of fixing fights.

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shut the fuck up GIF

I like her. She knows what she is talking about. And she is smoking hot.