Jan '04 Welterweight Rankings!

1. Matt Hughes (33-3)

2. Sean Sherk (19-1-1)

3. Carlos Newton (12-8)

4. Jason Black (16-0-1)

5. Jake Shields (8-3)

6. Hayato Sakurai (19-4-2)

7. Frank Trigg (10-2)

8. Karo Parisyan (10-2)

9. Robbie Lawler (8-1)

10. John Alessio (13-6)

* Records taken from FCFighter Database

That looks about right.

Arent Black and Shields a little too high?

They sort of look too high don't they, but who would you put ahead of them?

Peter P


C'mon. Hughes is good, but #1? Who has he beaten to deserve #1?

lol @ CD. It's crazy Hughes beat Sherk, Newton X2, Sakurai and Trigg. Penn beat Uno, Gomi, and Thomas. Rizzo beat Barnett, Arlovski, and Rodriguez (and some people were whining about Rizzo being in the top 10, lol).

Peter P

2 years ago would be January of 2002. In that time frame Trigg has had 3 fights. Before the Hughes fight Trigg was ranked top 5, so I don't think he shoud fall out of the top 10. 10-2 with two losses against Sakurai and Hughes is not bad.

Peter P

Lawler doesn't belong. He hasn't beat anyone. Got tooled by Spratt, who might not even be top 20.

Lawler just beat Lytle who is on the verge of top 10. Lawler KO'd Tiki who recently beat Ronald Juhn.

Peter P











Shields comes in at #11, and aside from he and Alessio, I've got all the same names in the top 10 as you have. Lytle's recent win over Spratt and strong showing against Lawler earn him a spot in the top 10 IMO. Like the LW division, it seems that after Hughes there's a gap of 3 or 4 spots, nobody deserves the #2 or 3 spot, yet Trigg, Newton, and Sherk all belong in the top 5. I think Trigg is a better fighter than anyone in the division except Hughes and maybe Newton. Even a losing effort to Hughes, Trigg showed some massive wrestling skills, he just didn't show much heart. It seems to me that Trigg has about the best chance to dethrone Hughes, despite the fact that Hughes beat him quickly.

Black, Parisyan, and Lytle are all prospects who could make their way into the top 3 or 5 real soon.


Talent loaded weight class.