Jan 6th Exposed With Matt Gaetz And MTG!

Good stuff


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I watched the Timcastirl last night with MTG and I have to say… she didn’t come off as a nut (at least no where near what media wants us to believe). She seemed well spoken and has her priorities right.

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I caught parts of it… that Luke guy is fucking annoying and obessive mouth breather type

She seems to do fine when in interviews or in prepared situations, but when she goes off-script she’s a little nutty…

I saw that, too. I agree, she came across as far less whacko than the media makes her out to be.


Matt Gaetz has really fallen off since this album…

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Do you think the full 2 hrs of their conversation was scripted?

I don’t know much about her but it seems to me that when she’s being a real person she’s fine… maybe in some of the “scripted” ads and whatever else she can come off a little nutty.

Matty doesn’t know that Fiona and me do it in my van every Sunday…

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Loool Luke is like the best part of that show. He’s the only dude on there who’s being honest about how bad shit really is

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Luke can get on one track like last night (abolish the ATF) but he’s usually pretty grounded. He talks about his polish heritage as the reason he can see where this thing is heading.

Ian is crazy and out there but sometimes he’s also the voice of reason… just not most of the time though.

Sour patch lids doesn’t add anything IMO…

sour patch is the obident slave woman vibe.

ian is all about that fucking tech utopia block chain bs

luke is a fucking paranoid mouth breather that cant stop seeing bill gates everywhere he goes

Somehow I wound up following that cunt on Instagram. So annoying.

But then, what woman in politics isn’t?

You re-posting trash from trash people. Fitting start to 2022 ole Comicon!

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