January ''04 Top 10 Heavyweights!!!

1. Emelianenko Fedor (16-1)

2. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira (21-2-1)

3. Tim Sylvia (16-0)

4. Josh Barnett (12-1)

5. Mirko Cro Cop (7-1-2)

6. Pedro Rizzo (14-5)

7. Andrei Arlovski (5-3)

8. Gan McGee (12-2)

9. Ricco Rodriguez (14-4)

10. Vladimir Matyushenko (13-3)

* records taken from FCFighter Database


"Although, Arvloski should be higher and Rizzo should be lower..."

Arlovski has lost to both Rizzo and Ricco (whom Rizzo just punished), and his biggest wins are over Freeman and Vladdy. I'd agree with Rizzo being higher.

LOL @ RIZZO being on that list!!!!

how is rizzo at #6 and ricco at #9 when ricco has a better record?

Maybe because Rizzo just beat Ricco at the last UFC.

As I read throuhg this thread you guys kept saying to each other what I was about to say.

As far as Cro Cop being ranked higher that Sylvia, let's look at their big wins/losses. Sylvia beat Cabbage, Ricco and McGee. Cro Cop beat Fujita twice, Heath, and Igor. At the time of those wins Cabbage and Fujita would have been close in rankings, Ricco would have been ranked higher than Heath at the time, and McGee was ranked higher than Igor. Also Cro Cop is coming off of a loss to Nogueira and Sylvia has yet to lose.

As far as lauging at Rizzo being on this list, hea has beat the 4th, 7th, and 9th ranked fighters on the list. That's more W's vs people on this list than any other fighter. He also has two losses against Vladdy and Gan. He is coming off of two straight wins vs Telligman and Rodriguez.

Peter P

LoboThaGod, you could make an argument for Ricco being ahead of Gan. The reason why I have Gan ahead of Ricco is because Ricco is coming off of a loss to Rizzo whereas Gan beat Rizzo. They both got Ko'd by Sylvia in the first round.

Peter P

I think those are good rankings

But I think Vladdy is moving back to 205. You should replace him with Frank Mir or Cabbage

good list

Rizzo is right where he belongs

LOL at people saying he shouldn't be there when he soundly defeated 3 of those top 10 fighters

I'd put CroCop three, Sylvia four, and Barnett five, but it's close. Shame none of those guys will probably ever fight on another.

I agree with FrankisCool!

My top ten list:

1. Emelianenko Fedor

2. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira

3. Mirko Filipovic

4. Tim Sylvia

5. Josh Barnett

6. Andrei Arlovski

7. Pedro Rizzo

8. Ricco Rodriguez

9. Vladimir Matyushenko

10. Heath Herring

Honorable Mention: Gan McGee, Frank Mir, Mark Coleman

Sylvia should NOT be higher than Crocop.


LoboThaGod, I hear you loud and clear.

Westcoastbadass, I'm not sure that Cabbage would beat those guys, but that's beside the point since I base my rankings on mainly on results and not potential. Cabbage could be a great fighter, but he has yet to beat a top 10 fighter.

Thanks Brazilian. It's funny that people complain about Rizzo being on that list, but they don't complain about Arlovski or Ricco being there. Again no one else has beat 3 fighters on that list and Rizzo has never lost to a bum.

GB, Buentello is definitely on the verge he has some huge KO's over Mike Kyle, Roger Neff, Andy Montana and he stopped Bobby Hoffman after losing a BS split decision. I'd have him ranked around 15 right now.

Peter P

no more comments from the Rizzo haters?

please I really want you to explain to me why Rizzo doesn't belong in the top 10 even though he beat 3 of the other "undisputed" top 10 fighters (2 by brutal KO). Please elighten me

The reason why I think Cro Cop should not be ahead of Sylvia is because I think the 3 big wins Sylvia has is slightly more impressive than the 3 big wins Cro Cop has. Sylvia beat Cabbage, Ricco, and Gan. Cro Cop beat Fujita, Heath and Igor. I don't take much away from Cro Cop for his only loss to Nogueira, but also Sylvia has twice as many wins and no losses or draws.

Peter P

Paul is definitely on the verge of the top 10. He has some impressive KO's over Mike Kyle, Roger Neff, Andy Montana, and a stoppage over Bobby Hoffman after losing a BS desision.

PEter P