January 6th Committee Hearing Tonight

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yeah, totally tainted the election

Fuck this circus of pretentious cry babies!

And now that Moe Brooks lost his primary he’s saying he’s willing to work with the committee. Not much credibility though

That’s going to be the funniest thing when the actual pedo in Congress happens to be Republican.

The thing is there isn’t enough for a court of law so I’m not going to throw that assertion around so wildly like others love too.

I could see the whole, well, they were at least of a mature age argument happen.

Did you not see Dinesh’s movie? I’ve heard some “mules” have gotten arrested already. Perhaps Trump did lose the election, but there’s no way brandon won over 81 mill votes.

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Really? Where did you hear that?

The old man in decline perfectly demonstrating the effect of wingnut master signifiers on his depraved mind.

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People that believe Adam Schiff also believe they can win rigged carnival games if they just keep spending money.


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“in a pre dawn raid, put him in the streets in his pjs, and took his electronic devices"

I love it

You are literally the king of wingnuts…shut up FAGGOT!!

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all this time telling people what ISNT an insurrection and you dont even know the meaning?

so you dont know what one is, you just know what it isnt?

“That’s right, you’re an environmental lawyer. How about you go back to your office and we’ll call you when there’s an oil spill.”

-Former deputy attorney general Donahue telling Jeff Clark to go get his fucking shine box


“congratulations asshole, you just admitted that the first act you’ll take as acting attorney general is committing a felony.”

im familiar with what an insurrection is

but jan 06 was just another mostly peaceful protest