January 6th Committee Hearing Tonight

God damnit, cuckleberry!

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but my comment had nothing to do with jan 6th lol


aaaaand so your comment doesnt logically follow or respond to my comment. you know, like how a conversation works…

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im just looking for equal justice.

all trespassing should be treated equally

It doesn’t matter who the witnesses are when you have a corrupt justice system. While I don’t want Trump to be president at this point, he would be way better than Biden. This administration is like a parody of bad politicians and bad people, making horrible decisions at every turn, while gaslighting the public with the help of the MSM. It is disgusting what the public puts up with for team politics. More people need to vote and support ideologies instead of political parties.

I wonder why that could be. It isn’t like ALL those organizations are corrupt and had been coming after him for years, is it. It isn’t like all those organizations had been pushing a partisan narrative that they knew was false. Nah, it must be because Trump is a looney! He really should have trusted the very same corrupt organizations that had been fighting against his every move for his entire term.

Yeah, great thinking. I would take the word of a Tinfoil Hat on Twitter, over that of almost any of the political leadership in any of those organizations as well. At least Tinfoil Hat is most likely just going to be wrong, while the Alphabet community is going to be actively attempting to sabotage you. You go on trusting the Alphabet community though, that is at least until they once again prove they are shady as hell against your side, then you can not like them again.

Fauci admitted he lied, and the CDC issued policy that was not based on the science at all. Great examples of more people to listen to. Jebus, it is like you see the most untrustworthy sources on the planet, and then decide that they are your personal truth Sayers.

When bitches start calling for the “We need to do something”, it means they can’t and won’t themselves. This is you PSL, the ultimate soy boy, that needs other people to do the evil things you dream up of, because you are incapable of doing anything to anyone yourself. Do you ever just feel your unusually high levels of estrogen might be effecting your opinions, or are you so used to being a bitch that it is normal at this point?

Or maybe they saw the Kangaroo court coming? It was pretty much a foregone conclusion that if you sided with Trump, the leftists were going to come after you as soon as they could.



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Why not just post the whole tweet.

You can see where it was cut off

Just heard an interesting point that I hadn’t considered. When a person gets a pardon they can no longer plead the fifth. So all of these pardons that Trump mysteriously didn’t grant were done so deliberately. These idiots all had their filthy little hands in the planning of this coup but when they ran to the helicopter for their pardon evacuation, Trump waved and flipped them off then flew away. He knew that pardoning them would leave him open so he fucked them all

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Orange man bad

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We move the grift from “Muh insurrection” to “The Supreme Court is illegitimate so our voters being domestic terrorists is OK.”

Keep proving you don’t know what a grift is

I think you need to change your name/title to “but”.

it would then appropriately preface every post you have ever made

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That’s about right.

With a pardon apparently one requirement is to explicitly state what crime(s) you are seeking a pardon for. And that includes providing full details, which in the case of someone like Clark or Eastman would certainly incriminate others.

As for Gaetz who asked for a “blanket” pardon (how fitting - basically a get out free jail card for anything he might have done), I’m not sure if the same rules apply. It is extremely rare and may not hold up in court. Also no idea if any specific details are required.


I posted a video a while back on pardons. legal experts seem to think that almost every pardon from the Trump admin will be challenged in court. There is an office of presidential pardons where a real of lawyers goes over the details with a fine toothed comb, not the president’s son in law feverishly banging out paperwork before the clock runs out.

Trump’s last 3 months in office, summarized in one GIF