January 6th Committee Hearing Tonight

Lol…not sure if serious

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Someone already posted that rag. After Clark’s home got raided while he stood in the street in his jammies suddenly the committee got inundated with rats fleeing the sinking ship. Moe Brooks apparently has an axe to grind after losing his election.
And after Republicans win the house, they can have hearing after hearing on the antifa/Dem connection which I’m sure will turn up about as many convictions as the 33 Benghazi hearings we paid for

Or we can reform the January 6th committee and start dropping subpoenas of our own

Reform how? McCarthy pulled all of the Republicans from it. Cheney got sensured and kinsinger isn’t even running for reelection. Trump didn’t want them to participate, now he’s flipping out because the only 2 GOP members are on to him. You’re fucked either way with guy

Yeah…all those ppl are going bye bye

Insurrectionists breaking into the capital building in Phoenix today. Senate had to be evacuated.

Democratic politicians directly incited this, as we have already seen…

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Just a little protest that got out of hand

Hopefully Dick Cheney’s daughter can get to the bottom of it.

pelosi rejected 40% of the republican choices

she was stripping them of effective representation

no wonder mccarthy didnt want to take part in a biased dog and pony show

did this actually happen?

Thats totally (D)ifferent


Seems legit lol

She rejected 2, both of which will likely be the subject of future hearings. Prior to that Jordan couldn’t even answer whether or not he had talked to Trump that day. No way they were going to let him on the committee to shit in the pool

Did you catch the part where they broke in? I missed it

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Lol not antifa!

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They were not successful. But it was an attempted insurrection.