Japan/Brazil/Russia Stuff Coming!

I've got a lot of emails lately from people wondering why there's nothing for sale on the MMA Posters website right now.

At the present time I'm virtually out of stock, but within the next two weeks I have a PILE of stuff coming from Japan, Russia, Brazil, and the USA.

I'll be getting posters, programs, passes, shirts, etc, etc...

I'll post some pics when the stuff arrives.


Bro...awesome...let me know what's up with those passes...

Did you like the Gomi/Penn poster?  The UFC 7 pass is awesome!


Arias, it hasn't arrived yet - I'm sure it will be here this week. Glad you liked the pass!


You know i love the programs!

Arias - the poster arrived today - very nice! Thanks..

Stinkin - I should be getting several programs - I'll post when they arrive. I've learned to never actually reveal what's on the way before it actually arrives. Things have a tendency to get "hijacked" sometimes...