Japan Shoot-Boxing Rules

Anyone has the link to the Japan-Shoot-Boxing rules?

just e-mail shootboxing and ask for the rules ;) I am sure they can help you out. one of the guys there speaks english well.

I do have the rules of the shootboxing on paper, but that was from the last shootboxing S-cup.


I_Cant_Fight is pretty much spot on. They also divide the rules into amateur (head gear, shin pads, no elbows, no knees to face, no submissions), freshman rules (pro level, no elbows), expert class rules(elbows allowed).

Anything I can do to help from this side? I train at Cesars. The guy at Cesars who speaks English quite well, and is also the manager for Cesars fighters, is Mr Moriya. Really nice guy.


I faught at the shootboxing s of the world 5 last year, I beat a guy from the takada dojo (Wataru Takahashi )

After getting back from japan i loss all my contact details. You think you can get the shootboxing match maker e mail for me ? Thanks

yeah Moriya-san. I always forget the names. he is a great guy. just sucks next show is in fukuoka. cant watch it there. there should be a rule that shootboxing is only allowed to be hold in tokyo. ;)

redeye2000 - AGREE with ya! I can never remember Japanese names. And shootboxing should stay in Tokyo. Whats with this moving around the country crap about?? I looked at the poster for the next card in Fukuoka. If all those guys are fighting then the card looks great! Definately wasted on the Fukuoka crowd:(

Jess L - I haven't got the email onhand, but have their phone numbers and fax to Cesars(will that help any at the mo?). I'll get the email next time I go there.

Poster for next Shootboxing card:

Front row - Serkan from K-1 MAX, Andy Souwer, Kenichi Ogata. Behind Serkan and Souwer is DAIJIRO MATSUI!!:-))

yeah that event will be the bomb. I hope andy sauwer will get into the k1 max gp this year. he fought awesome in the shootboxing s-cup. oh well seems to me I will watch the fukuoka event in ceasars gym haha. they always have videos on display there ;)

Looks like Melvin Guillard may make it on to that event - good luck!

redeye2000 - how often you at Cesars??? I thought I was the only gaijin there. Let's hook up (in a NON gay way of course)

Thanks SILK

If you could foward the details to me it would be great. thanks


I can't seem to find a contact section on the Shoot Boxing web site. Can anybody help me out.????

Jess L - you have mail.

sokescrog - there is an email off one of the links. Unfortunately its all Japanese :(. anyhow, a contact number is: info@shootboxing.org

if that doesnt get what you want pls lemme know and I'll see what I can do.


I just help sometimes Shootboxing with translating for the dutch fighters. last time I did some translating for Albert Kraus when he fought in shootboxing s cup. and I helped first time when andy sauwer fought in his shootboxing event. also I was last year there for the new year rice cake event.

I really like the organisation of shootboxing and the people around. Mr Ceasar and mr Moriya are awesome as well as the professional fighters that train at shootboxing.

so I am not much at Ceasars gym. just when I can help I be there, that is all. so your still the only ganjin that trains there ;)

Redeye is everywhere ! You can't go to any event without running in to him !

Thanks SILK

haha paul isnt that the reason for being a fan in the first place ;) trying to watch as many fight events as possible ;)

big,small events it just rocks.

I am just very fortunate I can watch all those events life of my good relationchip with the best manager on this planet, otherwise I would watch every event at your house paul haha

"otherwise I would watch every event at your house paul haha" DAMN that was mean...but true. I had to bring my own food and drinks whenI watched :P

(Just kidding Paul! Don't set your little one on me! I still wish to watch events at yours!)

TTT for Ogata and Shootboxing.

Wow that is a great idea.. I would love to watch some shootboxing events.

How can I see that event that the poster was advertising?

Also, how good is Ogata? Does he have any plans for more MMA events?