Japanese don’t hit Pearl Harbor - how different is the world today?

You would not see the current increase of follow home robberies by dark skinned people.

While nothing else did draw America into the war, there is still a good chance that something would have.

If not, though, we are looking at a mostly communist Europe. There would have been intense civil wars in Italy and France, and a the re-ignition of Spain, and the US might have been drawn into a conflict there.

Once in the war, we should have finished the job. The USA sacrificed many soldiers and resources and then paid to help those who attacked us rebuild. We did the same thing in Desert Storm … should have finished the job and taken the oil or at least made Kuwait pay us back for all we spent. I sound like a bitter old man, I know, but after being in ‘Nam, I watched our “giverment” pour millions into rebuilding what we had just had Americans die to destroy. Strange game, Professor Falken. The only way to win is not to play.

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Yeah I fucked that up. I have an issue with putting things in order sometimes.

If there was no pearl harbour, the US may not have entered the war. If they didn’t, the Russians may have taken all of western Europe. Given Communist ideology, it would have made sense to keep moving west in an effort to make the world communist.